With a HEPA filter, look for the designation filter class H13 or H14, which filter 99% of all pollutants and pathogens from the air. Furthermore, make sure that the HEPA filter does not only collect the filtered particles, but that they are sustainably destroyed afterwards. This is important because the filtered particles can remain active in the HEPA filter for quite some time, as studies have shown. This becomes a hazard when the filter is changed or used improperly of for too long. In addition, decomposition products of certain bacteria, known as endotoxins, escape from the filters into the room air and thus also become a health risk. That's why the AiroDoctor uses a powerful combination of different filters: first, pollutants and pathogens are filtered out of the air using a prefilter, activated carbon and HEPA filter. In the next step, photocatalysis, these filtered particles are destroyed and safely neutralized. Thus, the AiroDoctor is a powerful, safe and sustainable air purifier.

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