When switched on, the AiroDoctor independently detects when it needs to go into active operation. It also indicates when the air has been sufficiently cleaned. A light diode continuously measures the particle load of particles down to a size of PM2,5 (2.5 micrometer). The device responds to this light diode measurement with a delay of 2 to 3 seconds and automatically adjusts the speed of air purification. The AiroDoctor indicates the progress of air purification via the light indicator. The different colors indicate the air quality:

0-79: very good or good

(There is little or no health risk).

80-119: moderate

(Air quality is acceptable, there is a health risk only for a few very sensitive people).

120-159: poor

(There is a health risk for all persons sensitive to air pollution).

160-500: very poor

(Air quality is potentially hazardous to the health of all persons).

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